Public Health

The Institute of Medicine defines public health as:

“A coordinated effort at the local, state, and federal levels whose mission is fulfilling society’s interest in assuring conditions in which people can be healthy.”

The Meigs County Health Department works to create a healthy environment for Meigs County residents through its many programs and grants, which address issues such as sanitation, nutrition, immunization, chronic diseases and childhood obesity.

With the ever-changing face of public health, we strive to address the needs of the rural community in which we serve.

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PHN SERVICE FEES effective September 12, 2017

–Pregnancy tests (if no commercial insurance or Medicaid) = $26

–Head lice screenings = $20 everyone

–Any VAXCARE vaccine on price list, if private pay is $15 higher than current VAXCARE price listed. Price List is in window file box behind copier.

–HIV Tests FREE as provided by ODH

–Lead and Hemoglobin Checks = $20 if no Medicaid

–Hepatitis C Tests (if no Medicaid) = $75

–Per vaccine administration fee = $15


Leanne Cunningham, BSN, RN, CLC

Director of Nursing