Emergency Response Plan

Click HERE to download the 2016 Meigs Health Emergency Response Plan

The Meigs County General Health District emergency operations plan is developed in concert with our other partners at the Ohio Department of Health, local Health Districts throughout the SE and the Meigs County EMA.  The Meigs County Health department is fully prepared to respond to All-Hazards, natural and man-made disasters and disease outbreaks that may affect our County or surrounding Counties.

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Meigs County Emergency Response Plan 2017-2018

Annex 1 – Direction and Control

Annex 2 – Communications

Annex 3 – Public Information and Warning

Annex 4 – Epidemiological Response

Annex 5 – Environmental Health

Annex 6 – Resource Management

Annex 8 – Facility Emergency Action Plan

Annex 9 – Integrated Healthcare Plan (IHP)

Appendix 1 – Mass Dispensing & SNS Plan

Appendix 2 – Community Containment

Appendix 3 – Continuity of Operations/Recovery

Appendix 3a – Meigs CAREID

Appendix 4 – Mental and Behavioral Health

Appendix 5 – Mass Fatality Management

Appendix 6 – Pandemic

Appendix 7 – Functional Needs

Appendix 8 – Volunteer Management

Health Alert Network