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Ohio University Access to Care Survey

The Ohio University Access to Care Survey just went live. You can access it at ARHI’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/chsparhi/

Meigs County Health Dept. is working with Ohio University to assess access to care.

Please help us help you, your family, friends and neighbors by taking this survey : https://ohio.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_eRTQfuvOeF7RQUt.

We would appreciate you sharing the link as well.


Or by clicking this link: https://ohio.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_eRTQfuvOeF7RQUt

Creating Healthy Communities Program

New opening! go to Careers page!

Meigs County Health Dept. has been selected to employ an Americorps VISTA worker.

View the job posting and/or apply for the position at:


Infectious Diseases and Floods

As communities continue to address impacts from recent severe weather, the Ohio Department of Health is forwarding factsheets on infectious disease considerations following flooding.  If you have questions about any of this information or need epidemiological assistance, please contact ORBIT at (614) 995-5599.

Did you know Earth Day is in a few days?

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MCHD Service Directory


In light of the recent and ongoing outbreak of Hepatitis A in Kentucky, the Meigs County Health Department wants you to know that Meigs County currently has NO Hepatitis A cases. Please read the following to become familiar with Hepatitis A and how to protect yourself and your family from this serious communicable disease. We do have a limited number of doses of Hepatitis A Vaccine on hand at this time. Please check with your healthcare provider to see if you need to be vaccinated.






Meet the Meigs County Board of Health

Meet the Meigs County Board of Health: (l-r) Edna Weber; vice-president ,Roger Gaul; president, Dr. Wilma Mansfield; medical member, Pam Patterson, member; Eric Rock, member.

MCHD Observes National Public Health Week


Jeffers and Witherell were presented with commemorative plaques and specially recognized employees were honored with lapel pins.

Cribs for Kids

Did you know that 3 infants die in Ohio each week in sleep-related incidents? The Meigs County Health Department partners with Cribs for Kids® to provide pack ‘n plays for infants who don’t have a safe place to sleep. If you know of anyone who needs this service, please have them call the health department at 740-992-6626.  Guidelines are: Meigs County resident, infant under 12 months (or mom in 3rd trimester), no crib or safe place in which to sleep, eligible to receive WIC (doesn’t have to be on WIC). **Please share**

Meet Our Team

Meet the Meigs County Health Department staff and find email address contact information.

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Check out the calendar for upcoming clinics, screenings, closings and other important events.


Emergency Response

The PHEP works to develop plans to prevent, respond to, and recover from emergency situations.


EVZIO Auto-Injector Naloxone Kit

The MCHD Announces the availability of the new EVZIO Auto-Injector Naloxone Kit to be used in the case of a suspected opioid overdose.

The Meigs County Health Department is now offering the EVZIO Auto-Injector (injectable Naloxone) effective December 2016. The EVZIO Kit replaces the former Project DAWN Kits (nasal Naloxone) that the department has offered for over a year. The EVZIO Auto-Injector offers Naloxone by injection, much like an Epi Pen. Trained individuals receive a EVZIO Auto-Injector kit that contains the medication, along with education of other lifesaving measures, such as rescue breathing, to be used in the event of a suspected opioid overdose,.

We currently have 100 kits in stock, and those kits are FREE to community members who have an interest and are willing to come to the Health Department to be trained to use them. Training takes less than one hour and can be done on an individual basis or as a group.

Please call Sherry Hayman, RN, at 740-992-6626 Ext. 1036 to set up an appointment.

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This website has been constructed to educate the public about proper needle disposal. The goal is to prevent, promote, and protect. Our hopes with this webpage and campaign are to educate the public in order to prevent accidental needle sticks. (Click on the link below.)


Insurance for Vaccines

The Meigs County Health Department uses Vaxcare to supply vaccines for adults and children aged birth through 18 who have commercial insurance coverage.

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Shingles Immunizations

Meigs County Health Department has Zostavax vaccine to prevent herpes zoster (shingles). Each Tuesday is walk-in shot clinic from 9-11AM and 1-3PM.

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